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The Move OUR Money campaign builds on the successful Move Your Money Project, started by Huffington Post. However, instead of individuals moving their individual deposits, Move OUR Money is a call for cities, counties and state governments to move the public's money out of private banks and into public banks. Every quarter that goes into a parking meter, every tax payment that we make, every dollar that banks pay in penalties -- it's all OURs. Let's put it in OUR bank -- a public bank, one that serves the public interest.

Don't have a public bank? Contact the Public Banking Insitute to find out how you can start one in your community. Public banks are common throughout much of the rest of the developed world -- Germany and Japan have some of the largest public banks. Let's get with it and take our credit back from private banks -- let's Move OUR Money!

Move OUR Money is a Program of:

The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is an educational non-profit organization. We are a grassroots organization and are funded primarily through individual contributions over the web.

National Coalition of Partners

Join us -- it's easy. Simply contact us if your organization supports Move OUR Money and we'll soon post your organization's logo and a link to your website.

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Support MOM with any size donation. PBI will use 100% of your donation to fund Move OUR Money outreach efforts.

The Debt Trap -- So Easy, Even a 12 year old Understands!

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Latest News


Philadelphia Freedom: Birthplace of the Constitution Takes Center Stage

It is well known that Philadelphia was the birthplace of the U.S. Constitution and American democracy. Less well known is that it was also the birthplace of public banking in America. The Philadelphia Quakers originated a banking model involving government-issued money lent to farmers. (cont.)

03-29-2012, Wall Street Journal Online

It Takes a Village to Battle a Bank

The movement to use local government funds as a battering ram against big banks has gained momentum since the start of the year. Some examples:

—On March 19, homeowners facing foreclosure petitioned Brockton, Mass., to move its money out of Bank of America Corp., (cont.)

Why Move OUR Money?

The time for public institutions to place public money into private banks, which then use the public money for their own private gain, is over. Private banks have squandered the public trust.

Public money should be placed in public institutions -- public banks -- for the benefit of the public. Assuming safety, liquidity and return can be adequately addressed, there is no reason for governments NOT to put the public's money into public banks. After all, public banks ensure that the money is used for the benefit of the very same people who generated that money in the first place! is a coalition of organizations which advocate school districts, local, and state governments to move OUR money from the private banks to public banks.

Members of this coalition believe in a democratic economy – with a monetary system that is democratically managed by public institutions. We believe that the best way to end the hegemony and fraud so evident in the existing private monetary system is to simply not participate in it. We are creating a separate credit generating system through public banks that will better serve the people.

We are creating a new world - join us! It's only just begun.