Take Action

Build a Team

Let a 12 year old do the recruiting.

Banking can be intimidating -- at least that's the way bankers like to be portrayed. Fortunately we have our own "Emperor has no clothes" moment. Be sure to watch -- and share -- Victoria Grant's speech on the collusion between public officials and private bankers. Sharing this video is the most effective way to build a team.

Understand the Opposition

It's the Wall Street Banks!!

Who stands in opposition to Move OUR Money? The Wall Street Banks, of course, joined by the CA State Treasurer. They are the ones directly benefiting from the tens of billions of dollars of bank credit created by OUR deposits. If you don't believe this, simply click here to see how they have come out against the public owning their own bank. As a direct result of these letters in opposition, the bill to establish the California Investment Trust was pulled. That's right, nothing stands in the way of the bank lobby getting their way. Until, of course, we decide to Move OUR Money!

Want to Divest City and County Public Money from Wall Street?

Participate in a Divest from Wall Street Conference Call. Take your public money out of the Wall Street Banks -- here's how!!

Every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, beginning in September. Join the others who are making plans to have their cities and counties divest from Wall Street.

Want to Divest State Public Money from Wall Street?

Sign a Petition for your State Treasurer. Here's our first one.